Give your home a modern country makeover

Look to lots of texture, natural materials and a backdrop of abundant greenery to generate a modern spin on rustic country style.

Bunnings magazine, May 2019

A little bit country

Even if you spend your days in an urban setting, it's easy to give your home the gentle flavour of a rural idyll. Modern country style is all about creating a feeling of relaxation, of being in tune with the ebb and flow of the seasons and the sun, rather than train timetables and the tyranny of the nine to five. The key ingredient is texture; not too rustic – this is modern country, after all – but with lots of timber and woven materials, such as wool, linen, wicker and jute, set against a pale backdrop that highlights the warmth of natural hues. Nature is ever-present, whether in creeping greenery and the dappled shade it casts, or the rust tones of turning leaves, echoed in the colours of cushions and soft furnishings. No leafy outlook? Add pots in raw materials, stocked with tall plants or spilling over with greenery. If you can picture yourself whiling away an evening, simply soaking up the serenity, you’re on the right track.

wicker chair outdoor

Rustic materials such as rusted metal and rattan, as well as plenty of greenery, help to form a relaxed, natural setting.

Casual dining

Keep your dining area relaxed with sociable benches, a linen tablecloth and a textured rug. See our header image for some inspiration on how to complete this look.

wicker chairs outside

A tray atop a sturdy planter makes a temporary side table. For stability, use a solid tray slightly larger in diameter than your planter.

Cosy hideaway

Make a window seat inviting with a timber coffee table and chunky cushions and throws. Add a subtle pop of greenery with a small potted plant and pot to match.

window seat with cushions

Tactile retreat; add warmth with soft furnishings.

In full swing

Turn your garden into a playground for little adventurers.

tyre swing and tricycle

Fresh produce

In cool zones, a greenhouse provides a stable, protected environment for year-round vegetables.

white greenhouse

Climbing frame

A pergola or garden arch creates a beautiful floral setting and later, in warmer months, provides much-needed shade.

arch with climbing plants

Get the look

Get the modern country look going on in your house starting by heading into your local Bunnings

Photo credit: Brigid Arnott


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Grave health hazards are linked to asbestos, which may be in homes built up to 1990. Health hazards may result from exposure to lead-based paints in older materials and copper chromium arsenic (CCA) treated timber. For information on the dangers of asbestos, lead-based paint and CCA treated timber and tips for dealing with these materials contact your local council's Environmental Health Officer or visit our Health & Safety page. You can also use a simple test kit from Bunnings to indicate the presence of lead-based paint.
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