Four light switch and socket design ideas

The phrase ‘interior design,’ often ignites picturesque thoughts of lavish home renovations or building transformations. However, within this big picture, we often forget about the minor details that complete the overall look of a space. A small, yet significant detail that is often neglected is your electrical accessories. Stamp your style on your new or renovated home with these four switch and socket hacks.

An accessory to your interior design

Switches and sockets play a huge role in determining your interior decor. The standard light switch is often associated with a standard white switch – nothing can be further from the truth! In the past, this was virtually our only choice when it came to style, texture and colour. But nowadays, we are no longer constrained to basic, white. Today’s options are almost limitless - from retro look switches to reflective metallic finishes, and everything in-between. 

Plug in your devices with USB sockets

With the influx of new technologies, we are presented with an abundance of choice when it comes to choosing the right electrical accessories to suit your own unique style. The Excel Life collection was born in a time of great classics – the ‘80’s. But while leg warmers and cassette tapes are now a part of a bygone era, Excel Life has endured. This is thanks to its classic lines and versatility. However, the beauty of Excel Life is that it’s the perfect combination of classic style and contemporary technology. For example, you can keep it simple with traditional rocker switches, or add the techfactor with electronic push-buttons and illuminated switch rings.

A light switch with a USB socket on it

Add style with coloured light switches

If you’re not afraid to make a statement with your switches, Excel VIVO is for you. This range is designed to be completely customised by you. For example, you can add a pop of colour to a room, or enliven dark spaces with high-tech illuminated rings. But if you want to add an extra refined look while catching a glimpse of colour, the Linea range is made to seamlessly blend into any decor. Featuring a much slimmer profile than most switch plates, Linea’s modern and edgy flare lets you bust out with bold and bright hues, whilst staying classic with its smooth and subtle lines.

Yellow light switch covers mounted on a white wall

A little bit of luxe in your life

Arteor is specifically designed for the style and technology enthusiasts out there. This stunning range encompasses an array of premium textures and finishes such as gold brass, light oak and woven metal. It also features high-tech products such as LCD TVs and computer screens. If you’d like to incorporate high-end luxury into your home, while maintaining a unique, designer’s edge – Arteor is a great choice.

A digital light swtich mounted on a wall

Use power outlet covers for safety

If you have pets or young ones around, it’s important that their protection is at the forefront when it comes to power points and switches. But you don’t have to sacrifice looks for safety. 

The Linea range features unique spring-loaded covers, preventing little fingers from poking around the switches when they’re not in use. They come in a number of vibrant colours, so you can easily find something to brighten up your young one’s room.

A purple light switch socket with safety features

Create your own signature style

As you can see, there’s a lot to consider when it comes to the look and feel of your wiring devices. There’s a variety of interesting ways you can change up these often forgotten items to create your signature style with HPM products. To view our full range, head into your local Bunnings.

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