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How to warm up your bathroom

Your bathroom is an important room in the house. It’s where many people start and end their day. Keeping it warm and dry over the cooler months will make that early morning and night routine more enjoyable.

bathroom-heater-exhaust-fan_296x296 bathroom-heater-exhaust-fan_296x296

Heaters and Exhaust Fans

Installing a 3 in 1 bathroom heater with lights and an exhaust fan is an easy way to warm your bathroom and extract the steam.

Consider the size and ceiling height of your bathroom to work out how big the heating lights and fan need to be before you buy.

As well as the traditional looking 3 in 1 bathroom units, there are a number of stylish models that look great, heat evenly and will efficiently extract the steam from your bathroom.

Bathroom-wall-heater_296x296 Bathroom-wall-heater_296x296

Wall Heaters

If you already have an exhaust fan, electric fans and radiant heaters can be easily fitted to the wall to keep your bathroom warm. Be careful to keep their power cords away from water.

Heated-towel-rail_296x296 Heated-towel-rail_296x296

Heated Towel Rails

Install a heated towel rail in the bathroom and never dry yourself with a damp towel again. A wall-mounted heated towel rack will warm your towels while you shower and provide extra heat for the bathroom.

Bath-mat_296x296 Bath-mat_296x296

Bath Mats

Placing matching bath mats next to your shower, near the sink and in front of the toilet will help retain heat in your bathroom and stop your feet from getting cold.

Seal-bathroom-windows_296x296 Seal-bathroom-windows_296x296

Check Your Windows

Cold air coming in through a window (and warm air going out) is a major cause of cold bathrooms.

Seal your windows by putting your hand around the closed window frame to feel where the cold air is coming in. Use self-adhesive foam weather stripping, at the bottom and sides of the window to seal the gap.

This will keep your bathroom warm and help save money on your power bills.

Paintingbathroomwalls296x296 Paintingbathroomwalls296x296

A Coat of Paint

Giving your bathroom a fresh coat of paint will not only make it look better but you can also keep it warmer by using high-quality heat reflecting, insulating paints. And rather than traditional white and cream, consider a warmer colour for your bathroom walls.

Bathroom-skylight_296x296 Bathroom-skylight_296x296


Installing a skylight in the bathroom will let sun light in which will naturally keep your bathroom warm.

Changing-showerhead_296x296 Changing-showerhead_296x296

Change Your Showerhead

By installing a showerhead that delivers less water per minute you can have longer showers to warm you up and still save money on your water and power bills.

There is a wide choice of water saving showerheads in different styles to suit your bathroom and most just screw onto the existing shower arm.

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