One door, six different styles

We’ve taken one versatile front door and given it six stylish and colourful looks. Stand by to be inspired!

Bunnings magazine, April 2020

An afternoon of painting can turn a so-so entrance into the talk of the street, while a colourful front door can deliver a cheerful greeting every time you come home. The only challenge is choosing which colour you love the most! Here we’ve taken one door and created six distinctive looks, with little more than a coat of paint.

Watch it: How to paint your front door

Bold red

The door we used comes ready to paint and can be hung with the long panels at the top or bottom, and the hinges fitted on either side.

Colour (see above): Taubmans oil based enamel gloss paint in Renegade

Cheery yellow and classic white

Choosing a solid core door, as opposed to a hollow core, allows the freedom to hang it upside down. Here we flipped it for a different look.

yellow door

Colour (cheery yellow): Dulux Aquanamel gloss paint in Golden Marguerite

white door
Colour (classic white): British Paints 4 Seasons semi gloss exterior paint in Love Note

In the pink and a touch of blue

Though dark-coloured doors might be on trend, they can absorb too much heat from sunlight, causing warping. This may even void the warranty on the door – it’s best to check with the door manufacturer if you’re unsure. A lighter colour, which reflects heat, is a better choice if the door is in full sun.

pink door

Colour (in the pink): Porter’s Paints Aquasatin paint in Baby Doll

grey door

Colour (touch of blue): British Paints 4 Seasons semi gloss exterior paint in Satin Slip

Green scene

“Your front door can be a place to be a little more adventurous, to bring in an element of surprise. Dark colours are often the default but a mid-depth colour can be really engaging. Taubmans Temple Tan, Brown Sugar and Taylor Rose are warm gentle colours that are inviting and can be less intense than the often-seen black doors.” Rachel Lacy, Taubmans colour category manager.

green door

Colour: Dulux Aquanamel semi gloss paint in Lush Hosta

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Photography credit: James Moffatt

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