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A couch with a side table, a throw and cushions.
Dress your living area for comfort and decorative flair.

Finishing touches

Soft furnishings are essential elements of a warm and gracious home, providing comfort underfoot, softening acoustics (by absorbing the noise that bounces off hard surfaces) and giving an indefinable feeling of welcome. With the Smart Home Products range of soft furnishings, you can create soothing décor in four easy steps.

Style your cushions

Even the plushest sofa looks more inviting with a clutch of cushions. Arranging cushions is more of an art than a science, but a good rule of thumb is to stick with uneven numbers – three or five. Whether they’re grouped at one end or evenly spaced, ‘chopped’ or not, depends on what feels right to you. Cushions are an easy (and easily changed) way to introduce colour to a room; however, you might prefer calming neutrals. A neutral palette creates an elegant and sophisticated look, and it puts the emphasis on texture. Bring in a variety of patterned weaves and tasselled or fringed edges to maximise this effect.

Smart Home Products cushions and blanket on a beige lounge in an open-plan living room.

Decorate the sofa with a blanket

On chilly evenings, there’s nothing nicer than snuggling on the couch with a cup of tea and a blanket over your lap. A soft throw creates a visual impression of comfort, as well as being useful on cold nights. How you display a throw helps set the tone for the room. For pressed elegance, fold it neatly and lay it across the arm of a chair. For warm informality, drape it casually across a sofa or bed.

Textured cushions and a throw on an outdoor arm chair in an alfresco seating area

Add appealing soft storage

There’s no such thing as too much storage. Woven baskets do double duty, acting as decor-enhancing elements as well as clutter-tamers. Use them to hold toys in kids’ rooms or to corral cast-off shoes near the entrance. Store extra towels or loo paper in the bathroom, or tuck your bed cushions and throws away at night. Neutral-toned baskets can sit unobtrusively in a corner, or choose one with a patterned weave and position it to be admired.

A couch with a side table, a throw and cushions. 

Keep your toes toasty with a rug

When your goal is warmth and comfort, a floor rug is a must-have. Choose a rug in neutral tones and natural fibres to marry beautifully with any colour scheme or style of décor. Positioning is everything – at the very least, make sure your rug is big enough to sit under the front feet of your sofas and chairs in the living room, or at least the bottom third of the bed in the bedroom. If you’ve got a huge space to fill, double up! You can layer different-textured rugs over each other, or sit two identical rugs side-by-side to create the impression of an enormous one.

A reading nook featuring a rug, armchair, cushions and floor lamp.

We’ve got soft furnishings for every style

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