How to clean carpet with no vac

We all enjoy the welcoming softness of a nice carpet. But the truth is floor coverings quickly become dirty and can hold onto odours. Here’s our tips on how to remove dirt and odours using no vac carpet cleaning products.

Don't give carpet odours a chance

Often laid in highly-trafficked areas of the home, rugs and carpets are very absorbent, and easily hold onto pungent odours from spills, animals, and general dirt. Without a carpet odour eliminator to keep things fresh, strange smells can start to linger in your house.

Not to worry – with no vac, odours have no chance. no vac is easy to use and quick to act, so you can enjoy your carpet with peace of mind.

No vac is perfect for removing pet odours

Nobody likes the scent of pet odours, whether it’s accidents on the carpet or that odd “wet” smell our furry friends leave behind. But as a pet owner, dealing with animal odours is impossible to avoid. Even the most well-trained pets have accidents from time to time.

When your pet is very young, has come home for the first time, or is left at home alone, you’re at an even higher risks of pungent accidents. Luckily, no vac Professional Fresh Pet Plus is perfectly formulated to clean up refresh and clean your carpet quickly, and without fuss.

Remove carpet spots and stains

Tough spots and stains can be very stressful to deal with. When there’s a spill on your carpet or furniture, time is of the essence. The faster you deal with the stain, the easier it will be to get it out. But the problem is that every stain usually needs a different treatment, from sauce through to wine. 

No vac Instant Spot & Stain Remover is your single solution to remove a variety of difficult stains without having to fret. Use it to lift coffee, oil, grease and other tough spots – it even helps remove old ground-in stains that would otherwise be hard to remove.

Sanitise and deodorise your upholstery

Your carpet holds a heap of dirt and odours and needs to be cleaned often. But what we often forget is that our upholstery suffers a similar fate to our carpets. Upholstery is used every day for sitting and lying down, accumulating dirt, oil (from our skin) and all sorts of odours. 

Upholstery is often neglected in our cleaning routines. It needs to be cleaned just as often as the carpet, but many of us forget to do so! If you want to keep your carpet and upholstery clean and fresh, no vac Professional Foam Sanitiser and Deodoriser will do the job. 

Freshen up your carpet or rug

To view the full range of no vac products, head into your local Bunnings store and pick out the perfect carpet cleaner and get your home looking and smelling like new.


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