How to grow and care for orchids

Name: Phalaenopsis spp, Moth Orchid.

Bunnings magazine, May 2019

What they look like

Elegant, broad-winged petals in purple, pink, salmon, white and yellow, or a mix of colours, perch on pendulous flower spikes above the fleshy green foliage. The tendril-like roots are often bursting out of the pot, which is completely normal.

Where do orchids grow

The moth orchid is at home indoors in a brightly lit spot, but out of direct sunlight – a well-lit bathroom is ideal. In warm, frost-free climates, it can be grown in pots outdoors, out of direct sunlight – under a 70 per cent shade cloth is best.

Why we love them

The gorgeous blooms are long-lived, often up to six months under the right conditions, and a few varieties are fragrant. Moth orchids are available in large, standard or miniature sizes and you can find them year-round in store, often in flower, too. Plus, there are thousands of hybrids and cultivars, so there is bound to be one (or a few) to perfectly suit your home.

How to grow orchids

Keep this humidity-loving plant away from air conditioners or heaters. To increase humidity, stand it on a tray of pebbles filled with water and mist in the warmer months. Water weekly and feed, especially when in flower, using an orchid-specific fertiliser.

More plants?

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Health & Safety

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