Style your home and backyard with Capi Europe pots

If you’re looking to add a little European style to your garden and around your home, the unique range of Capi pots will help you to make a statement. We asked Rosemary from Capi about the new range.

European pot style and colours

Rosemary describes the new range of Capi pots as “featuring chic monochromic colours, which are ideal for those looking to add a touch of rustic greenery indoors, or to create a European inspired retreat outdoors.” Each plant pot is handcrafted in Holland, and is available in ivory or anthracite.

potted plants

Pot size and shapes galore

You’d be surprised how much the shape of a pot can make to your indoor and outdoor spaces. Rosemary recommends “choosing a shape that is bold in terms of scale for your space. Place large pots outdoors near an entrance or garden path for example.” You can choose smaller, round pots to place on mantlepieces, shelves or benches inside your home.

Cylinder pots can make a real statement in a minimalist-styled home, whereas bowl-shaped pots are suited to bench surfaces or at eye-level shelves.



outdoor couch and potted plants

Lightweight and fracture-resistant

UV and frost resistant, Outdoor Capi Europe pots are unbreakable, lightweight and will stand the test of time. Their ribbed design hides an orange insulating layer that assists in protecting plant roots from heat in the summer and frost in the winter. The Outdoor Capi Europe pots range is backed by a 10-year warranty and the Indoor Capi Europe pots range is backed by a 3-year warranty.

View the full range

For some great decorating ideas, check out the full Capi pots range in-store at your local Bunnings.

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