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How to build a toilet shelf

Turn your toilet roll holder into a place that holds more than just toilet rolls. Perfect for books, magazines or maybe an air freshener.

how-to-make-toilet-shelf_296x296 how-to-make-toilet-shelf_296x296

Step 1: Cut Your Timber

Mark up and cut your pine board with two 300mm lengths for the sides and two 260mm lengths for the top and bottom.

diy-toilet-paper-shelf_296x296 diy-toilet-paper-shelf_296x296

Step 2: Clamp and Drill Guide Holes

Using a clamp with at least 300mm reach, clamp the sides of the shelf together. Then drill guide holes.

diy-toilet-roll-holder_296x296 diy-toilet-roll-holder_296x296

Step 3: Screw the Sides Together

Screw the structure together using the 30mm screws.

Handy Hint
Make sure that you don’t drive the screws in too hard – it could split the timber. First, drill guide holes. Then drive the screws in. Make sure they go in far enough that they countersink below the surface leaving a shallow divot in the timber.

how-to-build-toilet-paper-box_296x296 how-to-build-toilet-paper-box_296x296

Step 4: Fill the Holes Over the Screws

Take a small daub of timber filler to cover over the screws. Use a putty knife or paint scraper to smooth the filler out, keeping it level with the timber surface.

diy-toilet-book-storage_296x296 diy-toilet-book-storage_296x296

Step 5: Sand the Filler Flat

Once the timber filler has dried, sand it so that you have a totally flat surface.

how-to-make-toilet-roll-storage_296x296 how-to-make-toilet-roll-storage_296x296

Step 6: Paint the Shelf

Paint the shelf using an acrylic paint.

Handy Hint
If you use the same colour you used to paint the wall, the shelf will be less visually obvious in the room.

build-your-own-toilet-storage_296x296 build-your-own-toilet-storage_296x296

Step 7: Mark Up the Wall Over the Toilet Roll Holder

Using a spirit level, make marks 20mm above and 110mm either side of the centre of the toilet roll holder.

diy-bathroom-storage-shelf_296x296 diy-bathroom-storage-shelf_296x296

Step 8: Screw the “L” Brackets Into the Wall.

Line each “L” bracket up with the marks you’ve just made and screw them into the wall.

Handy Hint
If you’re screwing into plaster board, drill guide holes where the screws will go and then use a screwdriver to screw nylon wall anchors. This will increase the wall’s capacity to handle the load of the shelf.

diy-bathroom-storage-box_296x296 diy-bathroom-storage-box_296x296

Step 9: Mount the Shelf and Screw It Onto the “L” Brackets

Place the shelf onto the “L” brackets, drill a couple of shallow guide holes and screw the shelf on.

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