Give your bathroom a new look with the Flexispray range

Change is as good as a holiday – or at least as good as a renovation, when you switch to a Flexispray shower.

Bunnings magazine, November 2020

Time for a new look

Swapping your shower is a straightforward, high-impact bathroom update. The only question is how to choose the one that best suits you – and even that decision is made easier with the Flexispray range.

Personal touch

For a family bathroom, try the Havana Rail Shower, which will produce a spot-on shower experience for everyone. Simply slide the showerhead up for the taller members of the family and down for the small fry. Plus, it’s easy to install, no plumber needed; the rail shower has adjustable mounting brackets, making it perfect for a retrofit installation.

For tighter spaces, the All-Directional Hi-Rise Shower has a height-adjustable arm, as well as a moveable ball joint in the shower rose, so it can swivel from side to side.

If your household debates revolve around spray style, why not opt for Flexispray’s Federation Handset? Its five spray settings mean every member of the family can have a personalised spa treatment with just a simple click of a button.

Practical choice

A blissful shower experience is a beautiful thing, but if you also want ultra-convenience, Flexispray has just the thing. Silicone nozzles on the shower roses make them easy to rub clean, while the Self-Cleaning Handset goes one further, dislodging any scummy build-up when the spray function is changed.

Of course, sometimes it’s the simplest things that make the biggest difference. A 1.5m hose means you can detach the Havana Hand Shower handset from the bracket and use it to make short work of cleaning, rinsing the kids’ hair or even washing the dog!

shower heads

Designer look

Quality design is obviously priority one, but if you want your shower to be as good looking as it is functional, Flexispray showers are a chic asset in any bathroom, and are available in chrome and matte black finishes. Elegant chrome is a style staple that sits easily with existing fixtures, while matte black is loved for its dramatic visual impact.

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