We can install your new clothesline for $165

How our installation offer works

  • 1
    Select your new clothesline from our wide range.
  • 2
    Arrange payment and installation at the Special Orders Desk.
  • 3
    Take your new clothesline home or arrange delivery at the Special Orders Desk. An assembler will call within two business days to organise a time that suits you.

What’s included in the offer?

• We'll assemble and install your rotary, fold down or retractable clothesline.

• Assembly and Installation offer Includes supply of cement for ground installations or fixings for wall installations.

Which clothesline is right for you?

Consider your space

If you have a big backyard a rotary clothesline is the best way to maximise drying space. For smaller areas, a fold-down clothesline is the solution as it can be folded away. Retractable clotheslines are great in smaller areas and can be installed inside or outside.


Do you have a lot of washing?

If you have a big family or are frequently washing, the more line space on your clothesline the better. Rotary clotheslines have the largest amount of space for clothes hanging, while fold down and retractable clotheslines have smaller line space.


Indoors or outdoors?

In the warmer months an outdoor clothesline is ideal for drying clothes quickly. However, it isn’t always sunny outside. Smaller clotheslines can be installed under a pergola or inside a garage, while retractable clotheslines can even be installed inside a laundry.


Get your clothesline installed by Christmas. Booking and full payment must be received by 13 December to ensure your service is completed in time for Christmas.

Frequently asked questions

  • Which clothesline can I have installed?

    This offer includes the installation of rotary, fold down and retractable clotheslines.

  • Do I have to buy my clothesline from Bunnings?

    Yes, and remember to take your clothesline home for the installer. Installation is provided as an additional service to install rotary, fold down and retractable clotheslines from our wide range.

  • Will you take down my existing clothesline?

    Yes. The installation service includes the dismantling of an existing clothesline. This includes the cut off at ground level or unbolting of the clothesline from the wall. Disposal of an existing clothesline will incur an additional charge.

  • Does Bunnings have any other installation services?

    Yes, we offer a range of in-home and in-store services. For more information, see the Special Orders Desk or view our services online

  • How do I get my clothesline home?

    If you need assistance to get your clothesline home, we can help. Bunnings offers a number of options to get your products home safely and securely. Ask at the Special Orders Desk about available options or take a look at our Get It Home service.

  • Terms and conditions

                 This installation service is an additional cost and is available only for products purchased from Bunnings

                 Installation price is based on one unit

                 Clothesline must be on-site prior to installation

                 Customer’s responsibility to advise of location of any underground services prior to any work being undertaken (location of plumbing and underground electrical cable)

                 Wall-mounted clotheslines can’t mount to Hebel

                 Ground-mounted clotheslines cannot be installed in sandy soil

                 Removal of clothesline includes cut off at ground level. Does not include removal of concrete

                 Removal of large rocks on installation site not included

                 Additional charges may apply beyond those stated above as per the terms and conditions

  • Building Licence

    Bunnings Group Limited requires builders’ licences in certain circumstances and is licensed as follows:

    SA: Builder Licence No: BLD 248065

    Qld: QBCC Act Licence No: 1191280

    NSW: Builder Licence No: 186807C (Enquiries: 03 8831 9777)

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