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Charlie’s Pet

Charlie's Pet Portable Silicone Pet Drinker Dispenser - Blue - 16x8x7cm

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I/N: 0338202

No reviews yet

I/N: 0338202

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  • DURABLE & RUST-PROOF: As it isn't metal, the Portable Silicone Pet Drink Dispenser won't rust or degrade with light. Silicone can also withstand high and low temperatures, making it a durable addition to your pet’s accessories.
  • THE DRINK DISPENSER YOU’VE BEEN SEARCHING FOR: Looking for a drink dispenser for your pet, without paying the big bucks or worrying about spillage on the way? Look no further than the 100% natural silicone Pet Drink Dispenser from Charlie’s.
  • FLEXIBLE & LIGHTWEIGHT: The flexible 100% food-grade silicone material is very lightweight and easy to handle, easy to store, and a breeze to clean.
Looking for a travel bottle for your pet without paying the big bucks or worrying about spillage on the way? Look no further, our 100% natural silicone drinkers offer soft, flexible material that is very lightweight and easy to handle. As it isn't metal, it won't rust and therefore lasts much longer. It is easy to store because of its flexibility, and is a breeze to clean. Silicone is microwave safe, oven safe, freezer safe and even dishwasher safe! It’s handy size and lightweight features make transporting this drinker simpler than ever! As silicone withstands high and low temperatures far better than organic rubber, our pet drinker is highly durable. It doesn't degrade with UV light or extreme temperature, so is perfect inside or out! This travel water drinker can hold XXX mls of water, offering clean, cool and bacteria free water anywhere & anytime. Perfect for playtimes in the park, beach, car, or backyard. Available in blue or green, our materials are pure, meaning no harmful toxins or chemicals are present to leak into your dog’s water. We care just as much as you do about the safety and health of all animals.
Food Grade Silicone material
Suitable for regular water bottle use
Compact size
Large capacity
100% silicone
Easy to clean - no rust!
Perfect for taking your dog outdoor
Portable and convenient to carry
Safe and durable
100% Silicone
16cm x 8cm x 7cm
Care Instructions:
After use, stand upright restore the leaves and cover the cap

Made in China.











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