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Garden survival

Most plants need some extra TLC during Summer to prevent them from becoming droopy and drying out.

Because you'll be watering more often, we've got some great water saving tips on how to keep the garden looking great. If you prefer something more low maintenance, ask your Bunnings nursery team member about drought tolerant plants such as: natives, succulents and cacti.

Do avoid watering during the hottest part of the day, water is more likely to evaporate instead of penetrating the soil. Smart watering products are a great way to ensure that watering happens at a routine time and can be handy in-case of water restrictions in your area.

If pot plants aren't coping and have burnt crispy leaves, remove the damaged leaves and try repositioning the plant in a more shady area.

You can also use products like mulch, try spreading a blanket layer on-top of garden beds to prevent evaporation, this will keep the soil moist for longer.

Get your garden in shape

Shade from the sun

Things are heating up, and with the scorcher that Summer is, it's important now more than ever to keep your cool.

If you're gardening outside, try to get it done in the early morning, or late evening when UV rays are less harsh. Along with a hat and sunscreen, a portable umbrella can be moved around the backyard to stay sun safe.

Sunny days can deteriorate outdoor furniture and cushions. If you can't reposition furniture in the shade, be sure to protect it from fading with covers or a tarp.

For the pool, a shade sail can be quick to install and some products block up to 95% of UV. Be sure to check what UV rating your sail has and for how long the warranty will guarantee this protection.

D.I.Y. ideas to get you started