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If, like many Australians, you've found yourself working from home more this year, you're probably wondering how to incorporate your working zone into your living space, without making the room feel too crammed. In this episode, you'll see Max' cramped bedroom and living room transformed into a cosy living area and study nook, perfect for the home office life, with help from Lucy-Glade Wright and a team from Bunnings.

The first task is removing the doors that separate the rooms, to open up the awkward space. The old carpet is being replaced with floorboards and sheer curtains will be installed, to make the most of the natural light. In the study nook, we'll be installing floating shelves to create more storage and adding a feature wall to liven up the space. 

Watch and see for yourself how easy it is to Make It Happen!

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living room and study nook
Living room with grey couches, timber coffee table and fireplace.
Living room with sliding doors into bedroom.
Living room