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If your brick house exterior looks like it's still living in the 20th century, it's easier than you might think to give it a refresh with some render and a splash of exterior paint. Lisa disliked her home exterior so much she contemplated knocking the whole house down, until Lucy-Glade Wright and a team from Bunnings helped her to transform it, with some simple D.I.Y. projects and products from Bunnings.

The green bricks will be rendered and painted grey to create a modern country look. The front porch will be extended with some easy to install modular decking, and whitewashed to match the façade. Raised garden beds will help to connect the front yard to the rest of the home and so that Lisa and her family can enjoy the space, there'll be a bench seat to take in the street views from. 

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Transform your

front façade
House with grey bricks, driveway and garden beds.
House with green bricks.