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Header for Diggers in which products and bucket are in view

Diggers logo in shot

Trusted Aussie brand since 1945, DIGGERS™ is the biggest selling consumer solvents brand in Australia. Trusted by everyday households, DIY enthusiasts and tradies alike, there's a DIGGERS™ solution for every project.

Trusted and Multi-Purpose

Our products aren’t just tried, tested and proven effective, they’re also multi-talented. Forget carrying a big bucket of products around to do all the jobs in and out of the home. DIGGERS™ cleaners and solvents are diverse and have several uses. Not just “the metho under the sink”, they’re everything you need for a well-looked-after home.

Person using paint roller with diggers products in shot

Australian Through and Through

It’s all in the name! As an iconic local company that’s over 75-years-young, DIGGERS™ has been a best-selling brand across Australia and New Zealand for decades. Trusted nationwide by everyday households, DIY enthusiasts and tradies alike, there’s a DIGGERS™ product for every situation.

Woman in yellow tee cleaning the stove with Diggers

Sustainable, Ethical and Green

With more and more products that are low toxic, made from renewable resources and sold in reusable bottles, DIGGERS™ is leading the way in green technology. Our local development team is pioneering a subset of new products that are kinder to the environment and to your family – including water-based alternatives and 100% biodegradable solutions.

diggers wood care products being used on old wooden bench

‘How to’ around the home with DIGGERS™