Tankworks 1000L Paperbark Slim Steel Water Tank


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Tankworks corrugated steel water tanks are made to suit your home. Choose from a huge range of Colorbond colours, and select the size and layout of the fittings.

Capture the water from your roof and use it for watering your gardens, washing your car, flushing toilets and washing clothes.

Tankworks steel water tanks are made from long lasting, Australian made, BlueScope AQUAPLATE® steel, and are guaranteed to last.

  • Traditional corrugated steel tanks look iconic and modern
  • Available in Galvanised finish or the full range of Colorbond colours
  • Made-to-measure, can be made in virtually any size, and have customisable fitting sizes
  • WaterMark approved, safe for potable water storage
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Model Name
Water Tank Steel Slimline 1000L
Model Number
BlueScope AQUAPLATE® Steel
Product Dimensions (mm)
W:550 H:1560 L:1400
Package Dimensions (mm)
W:550 H:1560 L:1400
Capacity (L)
Inlet Size (mm)
Outlet Size (mm)
Fittings Supplied
Rust Resistant
Installation Guide
User Guide
Warranty Info

Tankworks steel water tanks are made with BlueScope AQUAPLATE® steel. This material is backed by a 20 year corrosion warranty. Tankworks offer a warranty of 10 years on the construction of each tank.

Sustainability Info

The steel used in Tankworks water tanks is made here in Australia. Steel is a very long lasting material, especially when coated with zinc galvanising or Bluescope steel Colorbond® finish. It is also important to recognise that if your tank is no longer required at any time, that the material is completely recyclable, and may be readily reclaimed and reused. This makes a steel tank the best environmental alternative.

An independent study, conducted by the Centre for Sustainable Technology at the University of Newcastle, presents a comparison based on Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) of the three types of rain water tanks. The LCA includes all stages in the life of the tank: extraction and processing of raw materials, transport to tank manufacturing site, tank fabrication, transport to customer's site, installation, operation and disposal at the end of the useful life.

Based on this LCA study the following conclusions could be made:
• Rain water tanks made from AQUAPLATE® steel have the lowest overall environmental impact.
• Compared to concrete and HDPE rain water tanks, AQUAPLATE® steel has the lowest embodied energy, GGE and SOx emissons.
• Water tanks made from both AQUAPLATE® steel and HDPE performed similarly in terms of water and NOx environmental burdens, outperforming concrete tanks.
• Compared to a tank made from AQUAPLATE® steel, there is 50% more steel in a concrete tank as part of the structural reinforcement.
• The annual environmental burden of a water tank made from AQUAPLATE® steel is equivalent to one 100W light bulb switched on for approximately one week.

Installation Info

Installing your water tank is easy. Some water tank installations will be quite straightforward, and can be accomplished by the home handy-person. More complex installations or those requiring plumbing to feed toilets and a washing machine inside the home will require a licensed plumber. If you are not sure about your installation, talk to the staff at your local Bunnings store for advice.

Delivery Info

Tankworks wants to make sure your brand new water tank arrives in perfect condition. Our delivery crews are professionally trained to handle the tanks from our specially fitted-out trucks to your prepared water tank base (check out our tips for base preparation). As long as access is clear, we’ll get it right to where it needs to go. Just a tip, check the dimensions of the tank to make sure it will get through gates, around any tight corners or under low hanging branches.

Tanks purchased from Bunnings include delivery to your home in the metro areas of Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne. Check with the special orders desk at your local store for regional and rural locations.

The following conditions and rebates apply to rainwater tank rebates under the Rainwater Tank Rebate:

• Rainwater tanks with 2,000 – 3,999 litre capacity must be connected to the toilet and/or laundry and are eligible for a $850 rebate.

• Rainwater tanks with a 4,000 litre or greater capacity must be connected to the toilet or laundry and are eligible for a $1,300 rebate.

• Rainwater tanks with a 4,000 litre or greater capacity must be connected to both toilet(s) and laundry and are eligible for a $1,500 rebate.

The rainwater tank installation must meet any relevant National Construction Code requirements and have a copy of the necessary Council permit (where required). A licensed plumbing practitioner must make this installation.

Rainwater tanks must be designed, manufactured and certified to the relevant Australian Standards to be eligible for a rebate under this program.

Rainwater tanks must be used for the collection and storage of rainwater. Where the rainwater tank is connected to the toilet and laundry of a house with mains back-up, appropriate measures for backflow prevention must be put in place.

A rainwater tank must be installed with relevant internal connections to the toilet and/or laundry within 12 months of the date of purchase.

For the purpose of the rebate, the capacity of a rainwater tank will be the total capacity for one or more tanks purchased and installed as a single installation, ie two tanks, one of 2,000 litres and one of 3,000 litres can be considered as a 5,000 litre tank.

More here http://www.depi.vic.gov.au/__data/assets/pdf_file/0011/176285/Reticulated-Claim-Form_2012-15_Final.pdf
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