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Person planting the tree 03:23

Planting & Growing How To Make a Screen Using Plants Find out how to create a privacy screen in your garden using plants.

Removing plant from old pot 02:18

Planting & Growing How to Re-Pot a Plant Learn how to keep your plants healthy by repotting them.

Man watering the seedlings 03:00

Planting & Growing How to Plant Seedlings Growing your own plants or vegies from seedlings is a great way to start your garden. We’ll show you how to plant seedlings directly into your garden beds or start them out in pots.

Trim smaller branches from a tree with secateurs 02:27

Planting & Growing How to Prune Trees Knowing how to prune your trees properly can help to shape them and promote healthy growth. We’ll show you the basics to make pruning a tree easier.

Person tying plant to the stake 03:43

Planting & Growing How To Stake Your Plants Staking plants helps provide support and protection against windy conditions and props them up if they’re too heavy.

Add potting mix and plant 02:25

Planters How To Build a Vertical Garden Brighten up a wall space or courtyard by installing your own vertical garden. Learn how to build a vertical garden with this instructional guide from Bunnings.


Planting & Growing How To Mulch Your Garden During a long, hot summer, mulch can be the best friend for your garden and your wallet. It’s good for holding back weed growth and stopping your soil from being baked dry by the sun. It also slows down evaporation, saves your plants from drying out...

Anchor your net with pegs 00:36

Planting & Growing How to Protect Crops from Birds The quickest way to protect your fruit trees and vegie patch is by throwing bird netting over the top. We’ll show how to protect your crops with bird netting.

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